Saturday, October 16, 2010

True Heart, Cruel Heart

Only the ultra-sane can afford reality. Only the sane, with that manic edge that depressives would insist on calling psychopathological, can withstand, while maintaining a position of pure faith, determinate reality. That which we call the 'self' is purely the product of neurological activity in the brain, an epiphenomenon. Consciousness is to the brain as the shadow is to the body. However, because consciousness can influence itself it transcends the deterministic barriers of pure materialism.

Consciousness can crawl back through the mirror and truly inhabit the paradox of double being, of self-consciousness. Our consciousness, perceived as immaterial and able to engage in the most ironic of self-speculations, is at root composed of the same infinite energy and light which fuels the heart. As the brain is to thought and the genitals are to sex, so is the heart unto truth.

When we know this, our natural empathy for other human beings is increased exponentially, for we can totally identify with their existence relative to an absolute reality. We are all the products of a miraculous evolution whose engine was cosmic chance. For when you have stripped yourself down to your original self the universe will become a lattice of information, in every part consistently different from itself, where you need look for miracles no further than your own hands.

You will see everything as an occasion, all object will become events, a rock or planet merely occupying a location and volume for a period of time. You will be able to apprehend the entire being of the men and women you meet. If you look into their eyes you will see everything they have done and who they are. And some eyes will appear like fractured glass, impervious to your gaze. And others will be sensual ports on beings you will instantly love.

- Christopher Dewdney

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thee Psyckikal Astral Art of OWLEYES

@CRYPTK MSSG from owleyes: owleyes images contain psychic powers with the intent of creating artificial reality vortexes, electromagnetic signatures, a spectral embrace. Our attachment to virtual space is penetrating deep into our psyche as a result we are leaving residue traces of our self behind, we create doppelgangers of our self in this virtual domain, i am one waves of light reach deep , use the images have they eaten yet? the snakes? the chains are gone children …

More about the art of OWLEYES at Immortal Mortal

Via: Pendu Mag


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