Friday, September 2, 2011

Postmodernism’s Rituals by Marcus Bale


I am the very model of postmodernism’s rituals

My world is made of language reinforced by strong habituals --

There’s nothing really out there, and there’s no one who exists for me –

And any people hearing this are other solipsists for me.

The world is in my head, I don’t believe in physicality;

I brilliantly create it all with magical reality,

Rejecting all experience with mystical depravity –

Ignoring Alan Sokal’s twenty-storey test of gravity.

Chic Chorus:

Ignoring Alan Sokal’s twenty-storey test of gravity.

Ignoring Alan Sokal’s twenty-storey test of gravity.

Ignoring Alan Sokal’s twenty-storey test of gravity.


It used to be that science was the tool for every liberal

To use to show that kings and priests were selling mystic gibberal,

But now we want our new-age crystal-gazing fuddy-duddying

Not lectures, labs, experiments, or -- goddess save us! -- studying.

Chic Chorus:

But now we want our new-age crystal-gazing fuddy-duddying

Not lectures, labs, experiments, or -- goddess save us! -- studying.


Postmodern art is anything an artist may assert it is;

It isn’t hard to see what kind of formless blowhard blurt it is.

Where nothing’s good or bad there’s only infinite variety:

Your deepest held belief is someone else’s impropriety.

And even that’s not really real, our brains are just achieving it

Through language, fear, and habit, and believing in believing it --

Which means respect the rules of which each local god has sent a list:

You cannot be postmodern if you’re not a fundamentalist.

Chic Chorus:

You cannot be postmodern if you’re not a fundamentalist.

You cannot be postmodern if you’re not a fundamentalist.

You cannot be postmodern if you’re not a fundamentalist.


We don’t distinguish good from bad – we can’t be preferentialist --

We sneer at beauty, justice, truth, and balance as essentialist.

Reality is all made up, and truth’s a triviality,

And science isn’t anything but jumped-up mysticality.

Chic Chorus:

Reality is all made up, and truth’s a triviality,

And science isn’t anything but jumped-up mysticality.


When I can claim there’s no there there, it isn’t verifiable –

Which means that any claim that I put forward’s undeniable;

When I can claim that making claims is meaningless is meaningless --

As if to try to sanitize a hospital by cleaning less;

When all I need to do is spout some double talk for victory

By claiming contradiction is itself a contradictory,

When all that science claims is that it’s merely hypothetical

Then heresy is always truth and every truth’s heretical!

Chic Chorus:

Then heresy is always truth and every truth’s heretical!

Then heresy is always truth and every truth’s heretical!

Then heresy is always truth and every truth’s heretical!


And so therefore we’ve cleared away the sciences’ dementedness,

And we are left to celebrate our contentless contentedness:

Our world is made of language reinforced by strong habituals --

We are the very models of postmodernism’s rituals.

Chic Chorus:

Our world is made of language reinforced by strong habituals --

We are the very models of postmodernism’s rituals.

- Marcus Bales


Friday, August 19, 2011

Orange Dark - Broken Continuum (Breaks Set) 134BPM


- Enterpryse - Believe In God (Ghettface Remix)
- Roboteknic - Contented Mind
- Blazer - Requiem (Original Mix)
- Roboteknic - Our World
- Palot Aka A2C - Zombie Land [Necro Remix]
- Macho - Transformers (Red Key Mix)
- Altered Beats And The Analogeeks - The Hardknockers [Scapo Ravey Remix]
- Exodous & The Brainkiller - White Widow
- Blazer - Robotek (Original Mix)
- Enterpryse - Shogun (Original Mix)
- Rasco the Brainkiller & Perfect Kombo - Sex in the Kitchen
- Beat Muffin Style - Perfussion (Original Mix)
- Nick Sentience - Hear Me Now

Download This Mix!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

John Eden's Shake the Foundations Mix Vol. 1

"For some of us the experience of reggae was far more unsettling than a mere alphabetised clutch of Wailers LPs. People get warped by dub and reggae, and they never recover. And there are reasons for this." Ian Penman

Received wisdom has it that "real" dub was made in Jamaica in the 1970s, by engineers mutating tracks by "proper" musicians. None of the tracks on this CD meet all of these criteria. Very few meet any of them.

Without wishing to dis the golden age of reggae (indeed - check for future mixes) there has been a wealth of music recorded more recently that tries to build on the studio sorcery of Tubby, Perry et al in a way that looks to the future rather than upholding some kind of bogus tradition.

Arguments abound as to whether dub is a genre, or a technique, with purists favouring the former and visionaries ploughing head-first into the latter. This ism-ing and schism-ing is all too easily upset by the continual flood of gimmicky product - insipid ambient digi dub that doesn't even qualify as nice background music, or perhaps "dub techno" in which yet another workmanlike 12" tries to rescue itself from obscurity by the addition of a bit of echo and reverb.

As ever, the selector's role is simply to wade through the dirt looking for the jewels. The tracks here vary from experimental electronica to techno, to the much-maligned "UK dub" steppers played by soundsystems like Jah Shaka and Abashanti. If there is anything that holds them together other than "dub" it is a certain edge - a dread intensity far removed from the image of reggae as summery beach music. It's cold inna babylon, as a wise man once said.

This mix was hammered out live, in two takes - and it shows. What you hear is what was played. If I was playing these tracks out, you'd get more version excursions and some selections representing the other flavours of dub and reggae.

John Eden - June 2002

Shake The Foundations right here

Thursday, July 7, 2011

tiny crevices shelter breath
as the interior morrel
dark and woodsy
turned Mayan cocoa
made heady from want

tunnels temper flow
aggregate gold proffered
while kneeling down ~
what shines without light?
what can dispel the din?

dim sky scatters
the same splayed light
overplayed in coarse disarray
invariably unsound
altered badly
and chosen for kind necessity
a casualty of
quick wind nothing

- Zephaniah Danielle

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Experimental 1/2 Hour - Episode XI: Grouper from Experimental 1/2 Hour on Vimeo.

This is such a great idea. And of course I'll dig into the rest of the series listed on the sidebar ASAP...

Thanks to Samantha Anne Scott for the heads-up on this!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Death by Mr. Kitty

This album is in-fucking-credible! Next time you feel depressed or down in the dumps, shove this on and TRY to still feel bad. Try. Because you will fail and find THAT feeling, the one that you thought was gone forever, welling up in your chest again like magic. It may also be accompanied by tears of deep, inexplicable joy.

This is a truly epic album from start to finish...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1. Tony 07:26
2. Battle Of The Ancients 07:45
3. Saltwater 02:01
4. Io 04:09
5. Blue Sun 05:36

Curandero by Doctor Oscillator

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enmerkar - This Ancient Land of Sorrow And Beauty

“Anyone wanting slyly to avoid suffering, identifies with the entirety of the universe, judges each thing as if he were it. In the same way, he imagines, at bottom, that he will never die. We receive these hazy illusions like a narcotic necessary to bear life…but if we are without a narcotic, an unbreathable void reveals itself….from that moment begins a singular experience. The mind moves in a strange world where anguish and ecstasy coexist.” - Georges Bataille

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Interview with Maxim Engl via email:
Q: How was it like to play the Waggon?

A: Playing at the Waggon was really an experience: The place is not only called Waggon, it IS an old waggon. The room is small and completely made out of wood. - The atmosphere on this evening was truly magic, more a journey than a rock concert. The people were so much into the music, they forgot to buy drinks! Not good for the purse, but good for the biography! It reminds me on what rock history tells about early VANILLA FUDGE concerts, so it was quite an honour to go home with empty pockets.

Q: Who involved? Who played what?

A: Peter Prochir: Drums

Roger Eckhardt: Bass

Me (= Maxim Engl): Guitar

Q: Where exactly are you from?

A: Frankfurt, Germany.

Q: Since when are you into recording music?

A: The band was founded in the end of 2003 and started recording in early 2005.

Q: Any previous bands/side projects that you've been involved in worth mentioning?

A: Time for namedropping! – Our most famous band member is Peter. In the early 80ies he played with Heiner Goebbels, Alfred Harth and Christoph Anders in the avant/jazz/punk band CASSIBER. When he decided to leave because of other musical aims, he was replaced by former HENRY COW drummer Chris Cutler. – In 1989 Peter formed the industrial band SIELWOLF who worked with Mick Harris (NAPALM DEATH, SCORN, PAINKILLER) and with Carlos Peron (YELLO). – Roger played in the 90ies with house DJ C-Rock and jazz singer Claire Dietrich in DIET. – Me, myself & I played with THE JANITORS OF LUNACY, ORANGE, and PAN AMP. Music of these later bands aswell as more information about them you'll find on this blog here.

Q: How'd you "label" your music?

A: Noise/Drone/Experimental. – Fact is, I am responsible for the sound design and the musical direction of ephemeroL. ephemeroL came out of the ashes of PAN AMP. The sound design was the same: heavy guitar, heavy bass, heavy drums, but I was not longer interested in writing MOTORPSYCHO-influenced indie rock songs. I thought that the band should have more strange and psychedelic elements that should not be based on 60ies and 70ies rock. – When Peter joined the band, we had two band members with an industrial background. So I thought it was more interesting to have an open, modern concept that combines post rock, avantgarde, noise and drone. I liked the idea of writing tracks, but we didn't want to become one of the thousands of MOGWAI clones that drown in all-too-sweet melodies. The balance of melody and harshness is an important factor in our music.

Q: How do you "write" your songs? How much is arranged, how much improvised?

A: For ephemeroL there are two ways to structure music:

1) A tune comes out of an idea or an improvisation during practice. In a second step we try to find out how much arrangement the material needs to satisfy the band.

2) I come up with complete tunes and guitar arrangements. Then we arrange the rest (bass, drums, maybe soundscapes and samples).

Q: How do you record your albums?

A: For the first album, we had complete tunes that we recorded in Ike Anger's practice room in Frankfurt. Vocals, overdubs, mix and mastering happened at his studio. – The second album "Plenk!" was recorded only by me. I came with nothing to Ike's studio and went out 7 weeks later with lots of guitar and organ tracks. I needed two weeks more for sorting out and for edit instructions, then Ike mixed and mastered the album. – The third album, which will be released in 2011, was recorded at Klanghaus studio in Frankfurt by Andi Kunze, but will be mixed and mastered at Aleph studio in Seattle by Randall Dunn and Mell Dettmer, a dream team in sound (SUNN O))), EARTH, ASVA, SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, GRAILS, EAGLE TWIN etc.).

Q: What are the future plans for ephemeroL?

A: The master plan is to find a proper record label for our new album.

Q: What are your main musical influences?

A: The real influences lead back to the basics, the past of us three. They don't reflect directly what we're doing now. – Peter is influenced by: Mark Stewart/Swans/Brian Eno/Steve Reich/Black Sabbath – Roger is influenced by: Abba/Beatles/Black Sabbath – I am Influenced by: Black Flag/Hüsker Dü/Black Sabbath/Motorpsycho/Robert Fripp/Keith Levene (PIL)/Derek Bailey/Wolfgang Spelmans (DAF)/Denis D'Amour (Voivod)/Charlemagne Palestine.

Q: Favourite band at the moment?

A: My favourite band for the last years is BORIS from Tokyo, although I don't like any of their 2010 releases.

Q: What was the first record that really blew your mind?

A: Peter: BLACK SABBATH "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"

Roger: GENESIS "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"

Me: JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE: "Electric Ladyland"

Q: The last five records you bought/downloaded?






M-f: Thanks!"

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dream is a Second Life

The Dream is a second life. Never can I pass without a shudder through those gates of ivory or horn which separate us from the invisible world. The first moments of sleep are the counterpart of death: a kind of nebulous sluggishness paralyzes our thinking, and at some instant which we cannot precisely determine, the self, in another form, continues the work of our existence. This is a kind of subterranean realm which is gradually illumined, and where the pale, grave, immobile figures who inhabit the land of limbo emerge from shadows and darkness. Then the tableau takes form, and a new kind of light illuminates and sets in motion these bizarre apparitions; the world of the Spirits is opening to us.

~Gérard de Nerval


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